The Artnme Seminar to Celebrate United Nation International Day  by Rainier W. Hardjanto

10 September 2022

Driven by the awareness of helping underprivileged people, encouraging highly talented and innovative young people, Rainier Wardhana Hardjanto to target the Indonesian disability group which reaches 14.2 percent of the total population of Indonesia or around 30 million people.

Rainier W Hardjanto’s action is in line with the United Nations International Charity Day which is celebrated every 5 September.  The commemoration becomes an arena for all institutions and platforms to create activities that raise awareness for charity and good deeds.

Rainier stated that the humanitarian and social institutions that are currently present to support them, have not touched on the aspect of the competence of persons with disabilities.

“All the programs launched only help special children (with disabilities) to be independent in daily activities. But nothing has helped them to develop competencies according to their abilities,” Rainier said in a statement to reporters recently.

Filling the Void

This void is what Artnme ( wants to fill, not only providing guidance to children with disabilities but also building self-confidence through art.

“By creating works of art at home and in orphanages and special schools, I hope that special brothers and sisters can develop to different levels. Therefore, I always help with teaching and mentoring in orphanages and special schools,” said Rainier.

“So that our disabled brothers and sisters can get the right teaching and methods to develop their artistic potential and talents. If they have already produced works of art, Art and me Indonesia ( is here to help display their works to the public,”  he continued.

Talent and Support

Rainier mentioned that many disabled friends have extraordinary talents.

“Artnme has a focus on disabled children and orphanages. And so far, Artnme has succeeded in attracting sympathy from various groups, so that it can collect assistance of up to Rp. 550 million, which has been distributed to those in need,” said Rainier.

“I am very grateful to all the people who have supported Artnme. And now, in commemoration of the United Nations International Charity Day, Artnme is holding a painting competition that can be participated in by children living in orphanages and special school children,” said Rainier.

This painting competition has the theme World Food Day 2022 as an effort to support the UN World Food Day 2022.

“Participants just need to send a photo of their painting via WA +62-8572-817-6663, including their name, address, age, cellphone number of their parent or person in charge, and a story about their work, no later than 30 August 2022,  ” he explained.

If you later succeed in winning this competition, there will be a certain amount of cash that you can have, more details can be seen on the Artnme.ind Instagram account.

“And still in the series of events to commemorate International Charity Day, the NFT Charity ART and I will be launched on September 4, 2022, which will be opened by national figures. Such as Chairman of the MPR-RI H. Bambang Soesatyo, S.E, MBA, Chief of Presidential Staff Gen.  TNI Dr.H.Moeldoko, S.I.P., Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia Dr.H.Sandiaga S.Uno, BBA, MBA., Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives Ir.H.La Nyalla Mahmud Mattalitti, Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Budi Gunadi Sadikin,  Rainier explained.

“Rosan Perkasa Roeslani, the Indonesian Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Camilo Valencia Gonzales, the Colombian Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr. Rajendra Aryal, the UN FAO Representative in Indonesia and Timor Leste, as well as the speaker of the Indonesian Ambassador Arrmanatha Nasir, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations in New York.  York,” he continued to parse.

“And celebrity speakers are Ussy Sulistiawaty and Wulan Guritno. This launch event can be attended by the general public by registering at,” he added.

A Pure Charity Activities

Rainier explained that the NFT Charity is part of Artnme which will help sell artworks for children with disabilities and orphanages with an additional NFT certificate.

“All of the profits will be theirs. NFT Charity will open access to our brothers and sisters with disabilities so that they can use technology to channel their artistic abilities while at the same time opening opportunities for them to earn income, which in the end will make them not only  able to survive but have a better life.”

On August 14, 2022, Rainier had the opportunity to meet with the Indonesian Ambassador Arrmanatha Nasir, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations in New York, who will be the speaker at the seminar on 4 September.

Rainier hoped that the seminar can open people’s understanding of the happiness that is obtained by doing charity and sharing it with those in need.

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