Sido Muncul and Artnme to Give Donations to the Orphanages

25 August 2022

PT. Sido Muncul is an Indonesian herbal medicine producer with herbal ingredients grown and harvested in Indonesia. For 70 years, PT. Sido Muncul has been committed to increasing the awareness of the Indonesians on the importance of health. There are many things we can do when we are healthy –such as making a positive contribution to society.

Sido Muncul’s commitment is in line with Artnme’s vision and mission. Founded by Rainier Hardjanto in 2021, Artnme is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote creativity and provide educational opportunities for underprivileged communities in Indonesia.

Artnme is focused on innovation, creativity, and appreciation of works of art, both conventional and modern art. As a pioneer in the art appreciation space, Artnme is concerned with children with limited access, especially those who are considered disabled, neglected, and marginalized by the wider community. Artnme believes that everyone has the right to express their work without being limited by the social limitations that hinder them.

That is why PT. Sido Muncul is also interested in collaborating with Artnme to provide the most comprehensive space for children considered disabled, neglected, and marginalized. Donations were made in the form of healthy children’s vitamin products, herbal medicine, vitamin c, ginger milk, and ginger coffee worth IDR 5,000,000,-

Here is the list of donations given by PT. Sido Muncul:

  • Donation At Yayasan Felicia Angel Kids Bekasi

  • Donation At Panti Asuhan Desa Putera

  •  Donation 40 At Panti Asuhan Pondok Damai


  •  Donation At Panti Asuhan Vincentius Putra

  •  Donation At Panti Asuhan Vincentius Putri

  • Donation At Panti Asuhan Vita Dul CEDD Harapan Indah

The donation program was carried out in July 2022

This donation was given to children in the orphanage of ArtnMe Indonesia members. PT. Sido Muncul hopes that this donation can support children’s health so that they can work better with Artnme to build the nation and make a difference.

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