People with Disabilities Participate in World Food Day-themed Painting Competition to Celebrate International Charity Day

10 September 2022

To celebrate the United Nations International Charity Day on September 5, 2022, several people with disabilities in Indonesia will be involved in a charity activity.

The disability group in Indonesia makes up 14.2 percent of the total population of Indonesia or about 30 million people.

 “We create works of art at home as well as in orphanages and special schools. The painting competition has the theme World Food Day 2022 as an effort to support the 2022 UN World Food Day,” said Rainier W Hardjanto.

To take part in this activity, participants only need to send photos of their paintings and stories about their work, no later than August 30, 2022.

The effort to roll out the program, after he saw that all the programs launched only help children with disabilities to be independent in their daily activities.

 “But no one has helped them to develop competencies according to their abilities,” he said.

For this reason, he helps provide teaching and guidance to orphanages and special schools so that these people with disabilities can get the right teaching and methods to develop their artistic potential and talents.

Artnme guides children with disabilities in Indonesia to build self-confidence through art.

“If they have produced a work of art, Art and me Indonesia is here to help display their work to the public,” he said.

He revealed many people with disabilities have extraordinary talents.  And so far, Artnme has managed to attract sympathy from various groups,

“So that we can collect assistance of up to Rp. 550 million, which has been distributed to those in need,” he said.

In commemoration of International Charity Day, NFT Charity ART and Me will be launched on September 4, 2022

NFT Charity is part of Artnme which will help sell artworks for children with disabilities and orphanages, with an additional NFT certificate.

He added that NFT Charity will open access for people with disabilities so they can use technology to channel their artistic abilities.

“At the same time it will open up opportunities for them to earn income, which in the end will make them not only able to survive but have a better life,” he added.

The article is published in Tribun Banten

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