Mariposa Talkshow: Breaking Through Multiperspective of DownSyndrome

25 August 2022

There are many things we can do to help provide for children’s needs and support their welfare and wellbeing. At Artnme, it is all about how to help children with disabilities and orphans. 

Just like all other children, they have hidden talents. Hence, it is more accurate to say that they have different abilities, not disabilities, said Rainier W. Hardjanto, the founder of Artnme ( After making many friends and working with them, Rainier found that many of them have hidden talents and a lot of potential, such as dancing, playing golf, playing music, or painting.

The “Art and Me Indonesia” team has produced some of their paintings into bags, t-shirts, tumblers, scarves, pouches, and other stuff to sell. The money will be given back to the children as a form of support in achieving their dreams. The profit of sold merchandise is used to support the families of disabled children in collaboration with YPAC, ISDI, several Special Schools (SLB), and orphanages.

“Art and Me Indonesia” was built with a high commitment in mind so that everything runs smoothly. Rainier’s commitment is to make it a long-term movement. The commitment itself is shown through the webinar Mariposa Talkshow Breaking Through Multiperspective of Down Syndrome.

In this event, Rainier briefly explained about Artnme and how it can contribute to building the nation:

The Most Exciting and Memorable Experience in Building Artnme

“I can say that since it is our first event, it will always is memorable. For me, the challenge was we started small. We created a competition for the children and I liked their excitement. It is something I will never forget and will keep me motivated to continue this project to the foreseeable future.”, said Rainier

Achievements of Artnme

“We have done a lot of things. You can read more about the donations, the competitions, and the programs in our blog. We did many art competitions, promotions, etc. The competition itself allowed the children to be more confident and believe in themselves. The competition also shows them that they can do more. There are hidden gems inside all of them. 

We also showed how we made contributions in many ways, such as helping health workers during the COVID-19 outbreak, helping orphans, and holding exhibitions. There will be many exciting things we might do in the future.”

Artnme: More than Just Paintings

It is not only about the paintings. These children can also sing, dance, make tumblers, accessories, etc. We allow them to identify their potential by giving them space. Anyone can support us by buying their crafts. All of the crafts are worth buying. They can prove to be valuable pieces and can help children with DS and orphans to create a better future.

Artnme will continue its movement and spread awareness to other people in Indonesia. If we can care for them, this nation will be a better and safe place for everybody. Spreading the happiness like what Artnme does will do good for us all as well.

Down syndrome is a condition that causes children to be born with an extra chromosome or 21st chromosome. This disorder is also known as trisomy 21 and can cause a child to experience delays in physical and mental development, and even develop a disability.

This disorder is the most common genetic chromosomal disorder. In addition, this disorder can also cause health-related problems, such as heart and digestive disorders. Many children with this disorder experience lifelong disability and even shorter life expectancy.

In “Mariposa Talkshow: Breaking Through Multiperspective of Down Syndrome” with dr. Sonia WIbisono, there was a brief explanation of Down Syndrome and how parents can best handle children with Down Syndrome.

What Causes Down Syndrome?

The webinar was opened with an explanation of Down Syndrome’s cause. Cells in the human body generally consist of 23 pairs of chromosomes. One chromosome in each pair comes from the father and the other from the mother. For people with Down syndrome, abnormal cell division on chromosome 21 occurs. This abnormal cell division results in an excess number of chromosomes.

This extra genetic material is responsible for the characteristics and developmental problems of Down syndrome. In general, children with Down syndrome have a low level of learning ability and inhibited growth.

There are three types of Down syndrome that are easy to identify, such as:


This type occurs in about 4% of people with Down syndrome. Translocation is a rare type that may be passed from parent to child.


This is the rarest type with a milder condition and less growth abnormality.

Trisomy 21

Trisomy 21 is the most common type and is experienced by more than 90 percent of people with Down syndrome.

How to Detect Down Syndrome?

dr. Sonia Wibisono explained how early detection of suspected children with down syndrome can be done. The doctor will do a DNA test to identify whether or not the child has Down syndrome.

There will also be further tests using injections to ensure that the child possesses a different chromosome.

What is the Best Way to Treat a Child with Down Syndrome?

To ensure proper growth, the parents must support them and do not give these children a “label”, stated dr. Sonia Wibisono. We must understand what they need and their potential, we must also be optimistic. Although they are different, the parents must accept them well.

Parents also must have support groups. That is why POTADS exists. POTADS acts as a community to support parents and children with down syndrome. Thus, they understand the early treatment, the constructive behaviors, and to erase the bad stigma of down syndrome.

Built in 2003, POTADS gives the best space for down syndrome children to have proper growth and to help parents to be able to share and support each other.

What Can We Do to Erase the Misconception in Down Syndrome?

Many people treat down syndrome as a disease. Before the POTADS existed-, there are much misinformation surrounding this topic. Thus, many people think that children with down syndrome can not have an everyday life and can not survive. 

POTADS comes as the community to support the children with Down syndrome, to help them grow well and find their potential. The parents must learn as much as they can to help their children. Further education like this webinar is also needed to erase the bad stigma surrounding Down syndrome.

What is the First Thing to Do When You Find Out That Your Child Has Down Syndrome?

Just like all other children in the world, said dr. Sonia Wibisono, every DS child has their strengths and weaknesses. As parents, we should support their strengths. For example, some DS children do not do math well, but they can sing, they can do magic, etc.

Success can be defiuned in more ways than one. Success can come from anywhere and everybody can be successful in their own way. Parents must always accept who their children are.

Another important thing is to build quality time, moreover if you are a working parent. 

How to Communicate with Down Syndrome Children?

We need to adjust the way we communicate. For example, if you want to communicate with deaf people, you need to use sign language. You need to find the right way to communicate with them and be patient. A support group like POTADS will help you through it.

Having children with down syndrome is a blessing. They will teach you the meaning of patience and love, they will also make you proud.

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