Collaboration of Wulan Guritno and Rainier W. Hardjanto in Social Acts

10 September 2022

Recently, many people love to talk about Wulan Guritno due to her relationship with Sabda Ahessa –a basketball player who is also the son of Sys NS. 

Not only her romance, but her social act is also outstanding. Wulan Guritno is a person who loves art and cares for others. This is evidenced by Wulan Guritno’s involvement in the NFT Charity ART and Me event which will be held on September 4, 2022.  The NFT Charity ART and Me event is an event held to enliven the United Nations International Charity Day which is celebrated every September 5.  Initiated by Artnme Indonesia, NFT Charity ART and Me will help sell artworks for children with disabilities as well as orphanages.

Wulan Guritno will be one of the speakers at the launch of NFT Charity ART and Me.  At the launch event which will be open to the public, Wulan Guritno will be accompanied by Ussy Sulistiawaty as a celebrity speaker.  In addition, there will also be important national figures such as Bambang Soesatyo, Sandiaga Uno, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, as well as several ambassadors such as Camilo Valencia Gonzales (Ambassador of Colombia to Indonesia) and Rosan Perkasa Roeslani (Ambassador of Indonesia to the United States).

The presence of Wulan Guritno made the event even more special.  Wulan Guritno, one of the senior actresses in the country, has never stopped working in the film world.  Now he is involved in a big event that benefits people with disabilities and orphanage children because it helps sell their art.  In line with the vision of Rainier W Hardjanto, founder of the first charity NFT in Indonesia that focuses on helping Indonesian disability groups to build self-confidence through art.

Through Artnme, they are not only invited to channel their hobbies and creativity, but also develop to a different level.  Artnme through the site will later help become a showcase for their work to the public.

“By creating works of art at home as well as in orphanages and special schools, I hope that special brothers and sisters can develop to different levels. Therefore, I always help provide teaching and guidance to orphanages and special schools, so that these disabled brothers and sisters can get teaching and learning.  the right method to develop their artistic potential and talents. If they have already produced works of art, Art and me Indonesia ( is here to help display their works to the public,” said Rainier W Hardjanto in an interview.

Rainier believes that there is great potential for people with disabilities and orphanage children.  If honed properly and appropriately, their creativity can produce and be useful for their lives.

Rainier W Hardjanto, founder of the first charity NFT in Indonesia focuses on helping Indonesian disability groups to build self-confidence through art.  Photo: doc.  Special

Artnme plays a role in attracting the attention of those who are interested in art.  Previously, more than Rp. 550 million had been collected and distributed to those in need of assistance.  Support for Artnme also came from various parties and big names, such as Frisian Flag, Kalbe Nutritional, Vidoran, Jakarta Fresh Chicken, and Sidomuncul.

“I am very grateful to all those who have supported Art n me,” Rainier continued.

Still, in commemoration of the UN’s International Charity Day, Artnme also held a painting competition that could be participated by children living in orphanages and children of special education students.  The competition is still open until August 30, 2022, and the prize money is cash.  More complete information can be found on Instagram @artnme.ind.

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