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People with Disabilities Participate in World Food Day-themed Painting Competition to Celebrate International Charity Day

To celebrate the United Nations International Charity Day on September 5, 2022, several people with disabilities in Indonesia will be involved in a charity activity. The disability group in Indonesia makes up 14.2 percent of the total population of Indonesia or about 30 million people.  “We create works of art at home as well as…

The Artnme Seminar to Celebrate United Nation International Day  by Rainier W. Hardjanto

Driven by the awareness of helping underprivileged people, encouraging highly talented and innovative young people, Rainier Wardhana Hardjanto to target the Indonesian disability group which reaches 14.2 percent of the total population of Indonesia or around 30 million people. Rainier W Hardjanto’s action is in line with the United Nations International Charity Day which is…

Artnme to Distribute Nutritious Foods and Provide COVID-19 Teleconsultation to HCWs (Healthcare Workers)

Jakarta- Amid Indonesia’s battle against Covid-19, Artnme took part in caring for health workers through COVID-19 donation by distributing healthy food packages and enhancing immunity. According to Rainier Hardjanto, founder of Artnme, the protein food package in rice, chicken meat, milk, eggs, and others can help restore energy after struggling to care for Covid patients….