Artnme to Distribute Nutritious Foods and Provide COVID-19 Teleconsultation to HCWs (Healthcare Workers)

25 August 2022

Jakarta- Amid Indonesia’s battle against Covid-19, Artnme took part in caring for health workers through COVID-19 donation by distributing healthy food packages and enhancing immunity.

According to Rainier Hardjanto, founder of Artnme, the protein food package in rice, chicken meat, milk, eggs, and others can help restore energy after struggling to care for Covid patients.

“We provide support to keep the wellbeing of the health workers. They have worked so hard to deal with this pandemic tirelessly. Surely, they need immune support,” he stated.

Rainier said healthcare workers, mortuary teams, and oxygen teams have worked risking their lives to save patients’ lives without fearing that they are also prone to this virus.

“It is appropriate for us to give them a little appreciation and empathy. Many workers lost their lives; so did the funeral and team. However they are still working sincerely.”, praised this millennial philanthropist.

He realizes that the role and collaboration of all parties are crucial so that the Indonesian people can return to their normal activities and survive this pandemic era.

“I’m doing everything to make Indonesia get through this pandemic. I hope all the people, without exception, can win.”  

Rainier Hardjanto expressed his gratitude and high appreciation to all parties who have contributed to providing assistance and attention to the health workers, mortuary teams, oxygen teams, and other communities.

Covid-19 Donation as a Proof of Support

“This donation is proof of support for their works through humanity. We all pray that this pandemic era will pass soon and the health workers will return to live normally,” Rainier concluded.

The total assistance provided by Artnme in this donation reached Rp. 100 million. This action is nothing but the participation of many parties and donors who have shown concern for others and intend to join Artnme as a helpful social movement. 

For all their bits of help, Artnme expresses gratitude and hopes that we can continue to work hand in hand to overcome all problems, especially during this critical pandemic.

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