ArtnMe Presents the “Hidden Gems” Art Exhibitions at Plaza Toyota

25 August 2022

The ArtnMe Foundation has inaugurated the summer sale exhibition at Plaza Toyota Grand Garden (14/05/2022). The exhibition was held by Rainier W. Hardjanto, the founder of Artnme,  as part of a charity for underprivileged children.

The exhibition showed the particularities and uniqueness of underprivileged children from Special Educational Needs schools and orphanages, and how they play with their imaginations and experiences which they then embody in their magnificent crafts. The art pieces are not only limited to paintings, but also other daily use items such as shoes and utensils.

Many celebrities, entrepreneurs, and other influential people attended the exhibition. The exhibition was successful because of the common interest in helping children and educational issues. 

So Many Fascinating Works of Hidden Gems

There were many fascinating works such as “Kucing Dalam Gelas/A Cat in a Glass” by M. Rafiul Fajri brought by Mr. Prasetyo.


As Syafa presented the paintings “Pemandangan di Atas Gunung Fuji”, “Bunga Sakura Jepang / A View of Fuji”, and “The Sakura Blooms”, which are paintings made on canvas medium and soft colors that represent spring in Japan. The paintings attracted Mrs. Selly, who bought them directly.


Other paintings presented the diverse cultures of Indonesia, one of them is “Nuansa Bali/Barong” which is composed of various deep colors. Mrs. Temmy then bought the painting for her home decoration.


“The exhibition is a valuable experience, and I have huge gratitude,” said Rainier. “I hope this exhibition becomes an eye opener to the people about how great the talent of underprivileged children is.”

The pop-up exhibitions were also held in other places such as Plaza Festival Mall and Plaza Toyota Pemuda.

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