Artnme Is Here To Build Trust For People With Disabilities

26 October 2022

30 Jul 2022 15:39 | Editorial Team

Artnme’s founder, Rainier Wardhana Hardjanto,. (Photo: Special)

JAKARTA – Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency, Indonesia’s population currently reaches more than 278 million people and the number of people with disabilities reaches 30 million people or around 14.2 percent of the total population.

This is a large number of people and must be accounted for. In fact, there are community groups that care about people with disabilities.

But on average, these organizations do not care about their survival, but only help them in one or two specific events. There are also those who provide assistance on a regular basis but do not leave a lasting effect so that they can develop.

The current model is only limited to affection, collecting help, making a donation event, finishing, and so on. With a model like this, people with disabilities do not get knowledge that they can develop according to their competence.

“That’s why I created the Artnme organization to fill that void. We have concern for people with disabilities, but we don’t just provide assistance, but we try to build their confidence, through art that they can develop at home or in their respective orphanages. respectively,” said the author and founder of Artnme, Rainier Wardhana Hardjanto, in a written statement, Saturday, July 30.

“As the founder of Artnme, I make recommendations to every orphanage and partner we foster, so that these children receive attention and training in the right methods so that their talents and potential are honed, and we help sell and market their work to the general public, ” added Rainier.

In its journey, Artnme has become a widely recognized organization. This is because Artnme provides space for children with disabilities to continue working.

“I found that so many children with disabilities have extraordinary potential and talents. Artnme’s concern for children with disabilities has received positive responses from various groups, so that Rp460 million in aid has been distributed to those in need,” he explained.

The funds were obtained from fundraising at several events that Artnme organizes. Supporting sponsors include Frisian flag, Kalbe Nutritional, Vidoran, Jakarta Fresh Chicken, Ivory Egg, and many more.

Thanks to his efforts and hard work, Artnme now has many partners, besides that Artnme has also started to innovate in service development, by implementing NFT Charity. NFT Charity itself is intended to sell products from friends with disabilities who are sold by making their products as NFT, then marketed. Of course, the sale is 100 percent owned by the persons with disabilities.

“That’s what NFT Charity is all about,” said Rainier.

Rainier said that the NFT Charity idea has finally come to fruition. Because, he said, one of the advantages of NFT is the existence of a certificate of authenticity in the blockchain network.

“The NFT that we have only applies to the marketplace network where the NFT does the printing process. So, if one day the market where the NFT is printed experiences problems or even goes bankrupt, what will happen to our NFT? Of course, the NFT is still stored on the blockchain network,” he explained.

For that, Rainier said, NFT is predicted to be the future for both the world of technology and the world of art. To guarantee the authenticity of each work in the form of NFT, the price of the work can be very expensive.

“Even with the NFT concept, the artist who prints his work can determine the royalties for his work. This means that if someone buys his work, then one day the buyer sells his work to someone else, the artist will get royalty money as much as the percentage he made in the beginning,” said Rainier. .

This social action with the NFT model is also supported by artists such as Raffi Nagita, Titi Kamal, Erin Taulany, Vega Darwanti, Sinyorita, Selvy Kitty, Gritte Agatha, Sarwendah, Maria Vania, Reisa Brotoasmoro, and Nindy Ayunda.

Symbolic support was also given by the Chief of Presidential Staff of the Republic of Indonesia (KSP) General Dr. Moeldoko on January 31, 2022.

I handed the work of the disabled child to the former TNI Commander at his official residence in Menteng, along with two deaf children Raiful and Rahmawati who painted the picture of General Moeldoko,” said Rainier.

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