Artnme is a non-profit organization that focuses on innovation, creativity, and appreciation of works of art, both conventional art and modern art. As a pioneer in the art appreciation space, we are concerned with children who have limited access, especially those who are considered disabled, neglected, and marginalized by the wider community. We believe that, everyone has the right to express their work without being limited by the social limitations that hinder them.

Art&Me is a non profit organisation that seeks to promote creativity and provide educational opportunities for underprivileged communities in Indonesia. We provide a platform selling art coming from orphanages, special need schools, and underprivileged schools, where 100% of the profits go to them. 

In addition, we sell paintings online that come from artists all around Indonesia, as well as products. With 100% of our profits, we provide art equipment and educational resources to orphanages, underprivileged schools and special needs schools who need them. 

The SDGs we focus on:

Our Story:

Art&Me began in 2021, we started off by selling paintings coming from underprivileged communities from orphanages and schools for the disabled in Indonesia, and hosted competitions to promote art and creativity. To this day we’ve decided to set up an ecommerce platform to sell their artwork, and also teach these communities how to paint and then sell them on our website.  

To this day, we’ve expanded towards many other sources of revenue, including products, and a multi vendor space where different artists all around Indonesia can sell their artwork.  

We also have launched various projects, such as launching an NFT collection and we hope to continue to expand locally and globally in the future. We hope to continue to make the largest impact on behalf of our community. 

Art&Me was founded by Rainier Hardjanto at the age of 15, an art enthusiast who sees the importance of creativity and education among the wider community. 

How can you support us?

You can help us by buying the paintings we have on this website, purchasing our products, 

 or by donating to support our cause.


“To see underprivileged children in Indonesia have larger educational opportunities and access to the supplies that may fulfil both their creative and educational potentials”


“To promote creativity and provide educational opportunities across underprivileged communities in Indonesia”


As part of our dentity, we also help accommodate the artwork of children who are considered disabled, neglected, and marginalized by the wider community in the form of NFTs. For now, the collected works can be viewed at https://opensea.io/collection/artandmeindonesia.

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