How to be a More Positive Teenager with Artnme

11 August 2022

You go through a lot of changes as a teenager. In their psychological development, they  go through the stage of searching for identity, which will later affect the shape of their personality as adults. Teenagers’ cognitive development is characterized by the emergence of logical and abstract thinking skills. Hence, the socio-emotional development of teenagers tends to be reactive, and sensitive, yet might be optimistic.

Hence, it is important to invite teenagers to do activities that are positive. That is the main topic discussed in the webinar entitled “Menumbuhkan Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat dalam Masa Kehidupan Setelah Pandemi”.

In the webinar organized by the Satgas Perubahan Perilaku, Rainier W. Hardjanto inspired teenage participants to carry out positive activities.

Art n Me, to Grow the Empathy

Rainier W. Hardjanto is the founder of Art n Me, a non-profit organization and art platform that aims to promote creativity and provide educational opportunities for underprivileged communities in Indonesia, such as children coming from orphanages, students of special need schools, and underprivileged schools.

Artnme allows underprivileged communities to show their talents in art and to give them a chance.

In the webinar, Rainier mentioned the importance of education for everyone. Education is something that will give you many opportunities. With these opportunities, a teenager will be able to achieve more dreams and reach a more fruitful future.

What can teenagers learn from Artnme?

As a non-profit platform focused on the arts, Artnme teaches caring. Teenagers must be concerned about being useful to others. Caring will foster a sense of empathy that will later transform teenagers into adulthood filled with positive energy.

To be a More Optimistic Teenager

Many teenagers feel pessimistic about their future. This feeling will make them feel reluctant to start new things. Dreams are one thing that distinguishes one human from another.

Artnme tries to tackle this anxiety. They provide opportunities for underprivileged teenagers, to show their talents. During this time, many teenagers are confused about finding space to show their talents. With Artnme, teenagers can get space to show what they are capable of.

Not only space, but Artnme also provides donations in the form of food, school supplies to help them study at school, as well as art supplies to help them develop their talents.


Connecting Underprivileged Teenagers with Influential People

Paintings and other artwork from underprivileged teenagers will be presented to many influential people, such as celebrities and government officails like the Presidential Chief of Staff. By creating this platform, Artnme hopes to make underprivileged teenagers more confident and open up opportunities to a bigger world.

Not only does Artnme invite teenagers and other people to be more confident, but they also challenge teenagers to show their talent, while contributing to helping their underprivileged community. Artnme hopes that with these small changes, we can bring a bigger change to this world.

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